with: Eric Garves, Five Star PDR (Austin, Texas USA)mobile-tech-rx-logo-skinny

It has been about 4 months since veteran PDR techs Eric Garves and Daimen Simmons released their PDR management/estimating app, Mobile Tech Books.  PDRtalk wrote an earlier article all about the inception of the software and key features of the app.  Since then, the Five Star PDR guys along with several other technicians around the US have had the chance to put the software through the ringer. Eric and Daimen use  the software to run their PDR routes along with estimating and invoicing hail damaged cars from a recent storm in Austin, Texas. According to them the app has made their route life much easier and efficient along with speeding up hail damage estimates. Eric and Daimen do admit that the software is not perfect and they are addressing issues other users have inquired about with a major update coming shortly. They actually have a running list of over 100 improvements and features they hope to add in the future. They also welcome constructive criticism. So if you’ve used the app, and have some ideas for improvement, let them know. User feedback actually made them decide what the second platform release of the app would be (iPhone or Android tablet). The masses spoke and now the Android tablet version will be released within weeks. With the new update, comes a new name. I will let Eric explain:

The new name is Mobile Tech RX

“Why the name change? The first step in trademarking your name (which is what we tried to do) is to pay a trademark attorney to perform a search and make sure that your name doesn’t conflict with anything else already out there. We did that and got the green light to proceed. It wasn’t until later we were notified of a potential infringement issue that never surfaced during the initial search. To avoid confusion we went ahead and made the decision to do a name change now and avoid potential issues down the road.

The new Android version of Mobile Tech RX is just a few weeks away from being in the Google play store! We are already beta testing it and it will be polished and ready to go very soon. What’s neat is that users will be able to use either Android or Apple tablets in tandem. You can mix and match your users however you like, you won’t need to choose to run your company on one or the other.

Other new features that are in the middle of development are: Photos, Print/Print Preview, Adding multiple techs to a work order, tax editing, and more robust reports. In addition to the new features we will be polishing up the look and flow of the entire estimating process as well as several other behind the scenes/low key upgrades that may or may not go unnoticed.”

The guys recently went on Dent Trainer Radio and explained more details about Mobile Tech RX. To listen to that episode click here. Notable PDR techs Gene Fetty (Dent Repair Now) and Colton Lamy (Transcendent Paintless Dent Removal) were also guest on the show. They shared their experiences with the new app and gave a few tips on how they use it to run their paintless dent repair businesses more efficiently.

Is Mobile Tech RX right for your business?

Thankfully, you can try a FREE 14 day trial version and decide if the software fits your needs. You can also get discounted subscriptions if you are a member of DentTrainer.com or PDRNation.org

For more info and to view very helpful tutorial videos check out: