with: Steve Hartley and Tim Chase (Ontario, Canada)

PDRtalk is not the only online source of information on paintless dent repair. Around the same time PDRtalk.com was launched, Tim Chase of Toronto, Canada introduced Dent Tech Magazine. Both websites have similar goals:

Educate the public and spread awareness about PDR
Create and archive high quality articles about the paintless dent repair industry
Unite and help paintless dent repair technicians all over the world improve their businesses

Here at PDRtalk we consider Dent Tech Magazine an industry partner in delivering great content to PDR techs all over the world. We have the same goals, but deliver our messages in our own unique styles. Currently, PDRtalk tends to deliver longer more in depth interviews and “How to” articles, while Dent Tech Magazine does a great job of finding the pulse of the industry by creating and distributing a high volume of articles about PDR. Tim is very active on Facebook and has had great success using Dent Tech Magazine as a conduit to deliver relevant news and promote sponsored content. He has also used his platform to facilitate multiple charity events within the PDR community. Steve Hartley of Collision Magician recently launched the Dent LIght App which you can now access Dent Tech Magazine through. Steve conducted the following interview with Tim, to learn more about his online PDR magazine.

Interview conducted by Steve Hartley of Collision Magicians (Ottawa, Ontario Canada)

“The best news in the PDR world” – Dent Techs Magazine, can now be accessed on the Collision Magicians platform! Since recently launching the Dent Light app to the AppStore, the team at Collision Magicians has continued to assemble informative and educational content for its consumers in an effort to help them make better more educated repair decisions. We had a chat with Tim Chase, to try and give more insight to the magazine and to help illustrate why this is a great fit for the Collision Magicians platform.

We started easy by asking – What gave him the idea to start the magazine?

“One factor that brought the magazine to life was watching over a thousand Dent Techs from around the world sharing their past repairs with each other on forums and groups unseen by the public. So many talented dent techs, and they seem to be stuck in a groove of sharing the art of PDR with each other.”

We then asked what readers could expect when reading the magazine, Tim replied:

“‘You can find anything industry related in the magazine. From dent tools to dent repair software, dent tech online marketing tools, industry related news, hail damaged areas, dent techs that have made the news in special ways, a directory of techs around the world, videos related to PDR, online blog related news, PDR training, online training and even techs that are doing some good deeds in their areas.”

When asked about if he had a favourite story so far, Tim said:

“I think our most popular and favourite story since we launched, is our coverage of a huge hail storm in Kentucky”. Luke Linville ran a small used car lot with his son, who unfortunately had just past away a week prior to the hail storm, and on top of that Luke himself had recently been diagnosed with cancer!

“We launched an online call-out to dent techs that were willing to help Luke, and we had a great response. Kent Row and his team, and also Tony Hawkins with his guys, headed out to Madison County Kentucky and started working to help repair all the damage – and out of the kindness of their hearts, they did it all for free.”


video credit: Lex18 News in Lexington, Kentucky

On the idea of a printed copy of his magazine, Tim says:

“Thoughts of a printed version are always a possibility and we have given it consideration. Advertisers and editors are what really puts a magazine together. As our magazine grows, the demand for a hardcover may grow and we will see what happens.”

Since its first publishing in January 2015, Dent Techs Magazine is now seen in over 98 countries and growing, quickly becoming the go-to resource for consumers, professionals and businesses of the Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) world, and with stories like Luke Linville, it’s easy to see this digital magazine is the best news in PDR and that’s why we are glad to have them on the team.

By: Steve Hartley, of Collision Magicians Inc

With: Tim Chase, Editor/Founder of Dent Techs Magazine