Recently, the paintless dent repair tool industry has become very exciting. The level of innovation has dramatically risen and the variety of new tools being released has rapidly increased. New materials, ideas, and designs have allowed dent repair technicians to drastically increase their speed and quality of repair. The following list includes some original PDR tool pioneers along with newbie specialized PDR tool manufacturers. (alphabetical order). Sorry, this list consist of mostly USA based companies. Please contact us on Facebook with international suggestions.









A-1 Tools  Bolivar, Missouri

  •   wide variety of rods, hand tools, lights, GPDR, and accessories
  •   solid tools, great value
  •   excellent ergonomic injection molded handles on Quicksilver series hand tools
  •   worldwide distribution









Anson PDR  Arlington, Texas

  •   PDR Superstore, plethora of tools and accessories from several manufacturers
  •   wide variety of glue pulling systems from various manufacturers
  •   large showroom in the heart of hail alley
  •   home of root beer glue tabs
  •   worldwide distribution







B&D Tools  Santa Ana, California

  •   high quality, affordable, US made PDR tools
  •   tempered high carbon stainless steel
  •   100% lifetime warranty on rods
  •   wide selection of old school fluorescent PDR lights
  •   manufacturer of solid door jammer










Blackplague PDR  Sacramento, California

  •   specializing in glue pulling systems and accessories
  •   home of Blackplague crease tabs, Gang Green smooth series tabs, and Tabweld glue






Blehm Tool Company  Morrisville, Missouri

  •   wide variety of rods, hand tools, lights, GPDR, and accessories
  •   patented injection molded handles on rods and hand tools
  •   excellent adjustable ratcheting handles that don’t slip
  •   solid tools, great value







Carbon Tech PDR Tools  Highland, California

  •   specializing in sectional carbon fiber hail rods and accessories
  •   7 feet of super light no flex carbon fiber goodness
  •   precisely crafted, solid design
  •   new whale tail extension now available






DCC Dent Tools  Canada

  •  Canada’s largest PDR online superstore
  •   carries several PDR tool manufacturers
  •   sole distributor of the PDR Power Box in Canada
  •   no duties or customs forms to fill out for shipments inside Canada









Dead on Dent Tools  Fort Myers, Florida

  •   boutique PDR tool accessory manufacturer
  •   PDR route/hail tool cart, knockdowns, PDR light collars
  •   multiple varieties of the orignal “bullet knockdown”








Dentcraft Tools  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

  •   wide variety of rods, hand tools, GPDR, and accessories
  •   exceptional whale tails, especially the xtra wide series
  •   high carbon spring steel rods are very strong
  •   worldwide distribution





Dent Dial
San Mateo, California

  •   specializing in patented customizable flat bar leverage tools
  •   powerful, bendable, and completely adjustable
  •   countless fulcrum/leverage setups with numerous custom tips
  •   home of the slapper tapper
  •   less refined tools, but very effective on large collision PDR damage






Dent Dynamics  Charleston, South Carolina






Dent Gear  Riverside, California

  •   wide variety of rods, hand tools, lights, carts, GPDR, and accessories
  •   super strong chrome plated high carbon steel rods
  •   excellent shaved tools
  •   constant stream of new innovative tools
  •   worldwide distribution








Dent Magic  Nixa, Missouri

  •   wide variety of rods, hand tools, lights, glue pulling items, and accessories
  •   alloy heat treated rods, highly polished, no chrome plating
  •   lifetime warranty, financing available, 90 day money back guarantee
  •   worldwide distribution






Dent Technology  Kansas City, Missouri

  •   home of the moon light
  •   several titanium and non scuffing Peek screw on tips
  •   super lightweight titanium blending hammers








Dent Tools USA Warehouse  Colorado Springs, Colorado

  •   PDR superstore, wide variety of tools from multiple manufacturers
  •   retail showroom in Colorado hail country
  •   European PDR tools including Anaconda and Carepoint available









Ding King

  •   PDR rods, hand tools, glue pulling, and accessories
  •   heat treated 17-4 stainless steel rods
  •   unconditional lifetime warranty, free shipping within continental US, financing available







Druz Toolz  Lawerence, Kansas

  •   boutique PDR tool manufacturer
  •   precisely designed and crafted rods, blades, hammers, tips, GPDR, and accesories
  •   excellent affordable carbon fiber hail rods and blending hammers







Edgy Tools

  •   boutique PDR tool manufacturer
  •   specializing in PDR accessories and innovative ideas
  •   home of the unique Control Punch knockdown tool



Elim A Dent logo





Elim A Dent Tools  Georgetown, Texas

  •   specializing in excellent PDR lights and electronic accessory manufacturing
  •   patented professional grade lights are compatible with Makita, Dewalt, and Milwaukee 18 volt batterires
  •   new battery powered glue guns now available
  •   Distributor of Ultra Dent Tools






Exeltools International  France

  •   well built and innovative European tools
  •   wide variety of PDR tools, accessories, lights, GPDR, etc.
  •   world wide distribution
  •   screw on tips are NOT compatible with American 5/16 thread






KECO  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

  •   innovative, high quality professional glue pulling products
  •   wide variety of glue tabs, including large collision tabs and pullers
  •   home of the Robo Lifter, K-Beam, K-Bar, and JVF Hammer






PDR Finesse Tools  Ava, Missouri

  •   specializing in tempered stainless steel rods and hand tools
  •   wide variety of adjustable ratcheting handle tools
  •   excellent sharp tipped tools for finishing and stretched dents








PDR Outlet  Waukee, IA

  •   manufacturer of PDR accessories, GPDR products, and hood stands
  •   distributor of various PDR tool brands, including Russian AV Tools
  •   great prices, in-house tools manufactured in America





PDQ Tools  Bolivar, MO

  •   manufacturer of stainless steel PDR tools
  •   wide variety of accessories, GPDR, hand tools
  •   world wide distribution
  •   great value since 1991







Pro PDR Solutions  Waverly, MN

  •   excellent lights, carts, hood stands
  •   GPDR tabs, glue, guns
  •   Dentcraft, Black Plague, and Shane Jacks distributor
  •   home of the super wide and light weight Chubby hail light






Shane Jacks Signature Series Tools  Greenville, South Carolina

  •   home of the all aluminum blending Jackhammer and Jackhammer XL
  •   creator and manufacturer of the “game changing” Edge Jack Pro
  •   Black Plague, and Carbon Tech products available






Stanliner PDR Tools

  •   very unique PDR rods designed by world renowned PDR technician/trainer Kaz
  •   stainless steel with crazy bends
  •   home of the Eagle Claw, Pirate Hook, and Snake tools
  •   Exclusive Samurai tool set only available to Stanliner trainees








Stuckey Tools  Hilton Head, South Carolina

  •   specializing in compact cordless LED PDR lights
  •   creator of the first PDR specific 12 volt battery powered glue gun, version 2 now available
  •   the world famous and beloved Carl Stuckey fog can be added to any light







Tactical PDR  Centerville, Ohio

  •   creator of the multi functional Tactical Elite blending hammer
  •   the tool is a hammer/leverage device/pushing tool
  •   “It’s like a dent guy Swiss Army knife.” Paul Kordon, Dentmasters, Virginia.





TDN Tools  Peterborough, United Kingdom

  •   manufacturer of excellent PDR shop/traveling hail tool carts
  •   European distributor of several popular US PDR manufacturers, including Dent Craft and Ultra
  •   excellent showroom/training center 90 miles outside London, England







Ultra Dent Tools  Riverside, California

  •   wide variety of rods, hand tools, lights, carts, GPDR, MPDR, and accessories
  •   stainless steel rods, proprietary adjustable handles, the original screw-on soft tip tool provider
  •   leader in innovation, always introducing new products
  •   worldwide distribution





Velocity PDR  Heywood, Greater Manchester UK

  •   carbon fiber telescoping blending hammer and segmented carbon fiber hail rods