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Get PDR Gear

Are you passionate about paintless dent repair? If so, check out these online stores where you can buy PDR t-shirts, hats, and hoodies. Rep the PDR biz with pride! PDR Pride           Push Metal           PDR Life Gear           Paintless Gear     [...]

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Where to buy PDR tools

Recently, the paintless dent repair tool industry has become very exciting. The level of innovation has dramatically risen and the variety of new tools being released has rapidly increased. New materials, ideas, and designs have allowed dent repair technicians to drastically increase their speed and quality of repair. The following list includes some original PDR [...]

NAPDRT & PDR Nation create PDRpages.com

Two paintless dent repair industry trade groups (PDR Nation & NAPDRT) have joined forces to create a document aimed at helping technicians determine what procedures are relevant and necessary when performing PDR on damaged vehicles. When a vehicle is dented, dinged, or damaged during a collision or hail storm, technicians want to perform the cleanest [...]

How to increase PDR revenue with a Pricing Guide

with: Derek Reed, Dent Wizard (Atlanta, Georgia USA) How do you determine a price when selling paintless dent repair to individual retail customers? A lot of PDR guys will say, "Every dent is different, and I know how much to charge from experience." There is some truth to that statement. Dents in cars are caused [...]

Making the PDR transition from Mobile to Brick & Mortar

with: Doug Hillius, Dent Solutions (Bellevue, Washington USA) Doug Hillius is a competitive guy. He’s played soccer at a high level for 35 years, races motorcycles, and crushes the PDR competition in his local market of Seattle, Washington. He started his paintless dent repair career in 1998 with Dent Wizard. After training at corporate headquarters [...]

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New Name + New Features & Platform for PDR Management App Mobile Tech RX

with: Eric Garves, Five Star PDR (Austin, Texas USA) It has been about 4 months since veteran PDR techs Eric Garves and Daimen Simmons released their PDR management/estimating app, Mobile Tech Books.  PDRtalk wrote an earlier article all about the inception of the software and key features of the app.  Since then, the Five Star [...]

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Ding Stinger Hail Estimating App Continues to Evolve (UPDATE, discontinued in 2016)

with:  Jake Durfee, Certified Hail and Dent Inc Creating a proper estimate is an extremely important step in the automotive hail damage repair cycle.  Insurance carriers have given technicians a guideline on how to price varying levels of damage.  It is up to us to take the guidelines they have provided and create an accurate [...]

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UPDATE: Dent Trainer Radio Brings MS Awareness and Boosts Fund $18k in 3 Days

Dent Trainer Radio is having a special fundraiser edition this Thursday (3/26/15) at 8:00 pm!  There will be great deals on your favorite PDR tools.  All proceeds will go to fellow dent technician, Jennifer Lehl and her family.  Join Myke Toledo, John Highley and other prominent figures in the paintless dent repair industry on a mission [...]

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