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A New Approach to Hail Storm Management, with Ryan Hampton

interviewed and written by Richard Routson Ryan Hampton has been repairing hail damaged cars for 14 years. Similar to other guys in the industry, Ryan’s paintless dent repair journey has been a long winding road of personal and professional growth. Those that know the talkative PDR networker now, would hardly recognize the timid quiet painter [...]

PDRtalk tech spotlight: Dan Ontrop

interviewed and written by Richard Routson Age: 33 Started PDR in 2010 Hail technician (United States) Lives in Danridge, Tennessee USA PDR Nation certified in 2013 Vale certified in 2015 www.danodents.com The Discovery Dan was a BMW technician from 2003-2010. He always noticed  the “dent guys” that serviced the dealerships he worked at but never [...]

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James Lee brings Pro Grade quality to the PDR light game

with: James Lee, Elim A Dent Tools (Georgtown, Texas USA) written by: Richard Routson, Dentmasters (Arlington, Virginia USA) Having a reliable and effective PDR light is essential in producing high quality paintless dent repair results. For a dent guy a fog/line board or PDR light is the number one tool in our arsenal. Without a [...]

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How to increase PDR revenue with a Pricing Guide

with: Derek Reed, Dent Wizard (Atlanta, Georgia USA) How do you determine a price when selling paintless dent repair to individual retail customers? A lot of PDR guys will say, "Every dent is different, and I know how much to charge from experience." There is some truth to that statement. Dents in cars are caused [...]

UPDATE: Dent Trainer Radio Brings MS Awareness and Boosts Fund $18k in 3 Days

Dent Trainer Radio is having a special fundraiser edition this Thursday (3/26/15) at 8:00 pm!  There will be great deals on your favorite PDR tools.  All proceeds will go to fellow dent technician, Jennifer Lehl and her family.  Join Myke Toledo, John Highley and other prominent figures in the paintless dent repair industry on a mission [...]

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