Building multiple profitable businesses and having fun with friends

interviewed and written by: Richard Routson Keith Starling is the definition of a young hustling entrepreneur. He currently owns and operates two successful cash positive businesses in Kansas City, Kansas. Each business was self funded and grew out of constant hustling, pure determination, and a natural ability to network and make friends. I recently had [...]

How to increase PDR revenue with a Pricing Guide

with: Derek Reed, Dent Wizard (Atlanta, Georgia USA) How do you determine a price when selling paintless dent repair to individual retail customers? A lot of PDR guys will say, "Every dent is different, and I know how much to charge from experience." There is some truth to that statement. Dents in cars are caused [...]

How to Hit 2K a Day on a Route

Every local route PDR tech has heard the stories about hail chasers making a killing in 100 working days and then taking the rest of the year off.  In the right situation a hail tech can take home $2-3k a day.  The income potential sounds amazing.  However, there are several uncontrollable factors that can make [...]

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What Is PDRtalk?

This is a PDR blog. We talk about paintless dent repair. Articles, videos, and audio. PDRtalk has four goals: Spread expert knowledge amongst PDR technicians all over the world in a clean and easy format, thus improving the quality, professionalism, and credibility of the industry. Inform the public about the benefits and possibilities of paintless [...]