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  • official auto alloy study

ASA and NAPDRT conduct aluminum PDR study

Any paintless dent repair technician or auto body man who has worked with aluminum knows it is a totally different beast than steel. Aluminum body panels have been used on certain luxury cars for decades. However, more and more cars are moving towards aluminum, due to its light weight and comparable strength to steel. Ford's [...]

By |June 8, 2016|Education, Industry Trends|

Get ready for hail checklist: be a regional hail expert

courtesy of Ryan Hampton and the The Hail Company (USA) As a PDR company that focuses on a local market all year long, you already understand the daily struggles of running a business. When a hail storm occurs, these struggles are increased. Below is a checklist that can help you not only be prepared but [...]

By |February 19, 2016|Education, Hail, hail management, Marketing|

PDR Glue Guide: temperature range and strength

written by: Richard Routson, Dentmasters (Arlington, Virginia USA) Glue pulling has come a long way since the days of Walmart glue and clunky slide hammers. Traditional PDR methods have always been more accurate and much quicker than glue pulling. However, recent advances in glues, tabs, pulling devices, and techniques have lessened the gap. In the [...]

By |January 14, 2016|Education, glue pulling, Industry Trends, technology|

NAPDRT & PDR Nation create PDRpages.com

Two paintless dent repair industry trade groups (PDR Nation & NAPDRT) have joined forces to create a document aimed at helping technicians determine what procedures are relevant and necessary when performing PDR on damaged vehicles. When a vehicle is dented, dinged, or damaged during a collision or hail storm, technicians want to perform the cleanest [...]

“Best News in the PDR world” Dent Techs Magazine

with: Steve Hartley and Tim Chase (Ontario, Canada) PDRtalk is not the only online source of information on paintless dent repair. Around the same time PDRtalk.com was launched, Tim Chase of Toronto, Canada introduced Dent Tech Magazine. Both websites have similar goals: Educate the public and spread awareness about PDR Create and archive high [...]

How to increase PDR revenue with a Pricing Guide (members only)

with: Derek Reed, Dent Wizard (Atlanta, Georgia USA) How do you determine a price when selling paintless dent repair to individual retail customers? A lot of PDR guys will say, "Every dent is different, and I know how much to charge from experience." There is some truth to that statement. Dents in cars are caused [...]

The Truth about Dent Warranty Programs

The power has shifted in the car buying game. Because of a wealth of resources available online to research vehicles and price comparison shop, consumers now have the upper hand when negotiating the purchase price of a new vehicle. As a result dealerships no longer make much profit on the sales of new vehicles. The [...]

By |May 14, 2015|Consumer awareness, Dealership, Education, Insurance|

Urgent: Is Your Dent Repair Website Mobile Friendly?

with: Richard Routson, Dentmasters (Virginia, USA) If your website looks and functions poorly on a cell phone, you are losing potential customers and search result rankings. The mobile revolution is here. Internet searches on cell phones and tablets now eclipse searches on desktop computers in the United States. Plus, Google recently released an update to [...]

By |May 7, 2015|Advertising, Education, Retail, SEO, Website Help|

Slaying Monster Dents Without Painting

with:  Brice Kelly, Central Florida Dent Repair Brice Kelly has been making some noise on industry insider Facebook pages lately.  The videos he has posted of his PDR work are simply amazing.  He is repairing complex, nasty dents to a very high quality.  I'm guessing 80% of the dent guys out there would not even [...]

By |March 20, 2015|Education, How to, tech spotlight, Techniques, Tools|

Top 10 Reasons to Choose PDR over a Conventional Body Shop Repair

with:  Paul Kordon, Dentmasters There’ s no doubt that if you own and operate a vehicle you are going to experience a ding, dent, or even collision damage.  Ever since the creation of the automobile there has been a need to repair body damage after an accident.  Up until the refinement of Paintless Dent Removal [...]

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