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Get ready for hail checklist: be a regional hail expert

courtesy of Ryan Hampton and the The Hail Company (USA) As a PDR company that focuses on a local market all year long, you already understand the daily struggles of running a business. When a hail storm occurs, these struggles are increased. Below is a checklist that can help you not only be prepared but [...]

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A New Approach to Hail Storm Management, with Ryan Hampton

interviewed and written by Richard Routson Ryan Hampton has been repairing hail damaged cars for 14 years. Similar to other guys in the industry, Ryan’s paintless dent repair journey has been a long winding road of personal and professional growth. Those that know the talkative PDR networker now, would hardly recognize the timid quiet painter [...]

New Name + New Features & Platform for PDR Management App Mobile Tech RX

with: Eric Garves, Five Star PDR (Austin, Texas USA) It has been about 4 months since veteran PDR techs Eric Garves and Daimen Simmons released their PDR management/estimating app, Mobile Tech Books.  PDRtalk wrote an earlier article all about the inception of the software and key features of the app.  Since then, the Five Star [...]

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