A New Approach to Hail Storm Management, with Ryan Hampton

interviewed and written by Richard Routson Ryan Hampton has been repairing hail damaged cars for 14 years. Similar to other guys in the industry, Ryan’s paintless dent repair journey has been a long winding road of personal and professional growth. Those that know the talkative PDR networker now, would hardly recognize the timid quiet painter [...]

PDRtalk tech spotlight: Dan Ontrop

interviewed and written by Richard Routson Age: 33 Started PDR in 2010 Hail technician (United States) Lives in Danridge, Tennessee USA PDR Nation certified in 2013 Vale certified in 2015 www.danodents.com The Discovery Dan was a BMW technician from 2003-2010. He always noticed  the “dent guys” that serviced the dealerships he worked at but never [...]

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NAPDRT & PDR Nation create PDRpages.com

Two paintless dent repair industry trade groups (PDR Nation & NAPDRT) have joined forces to create a document aimed at helping technicians determine what procedures are relevant and necessary when performing PDR on damaged vehicles. When a vehicle is dented, dinged, or damaged during a collision or hail storm, technicians want to perform the cleanest [...]

10 Observations from auto collision industry expert Mike Anderson

In order to gain perspective on the collision industry as a whole and learn how paintless dent repair fits into the picture, PDRtalk had a conversation with industry expert, Mike Anderson of Collision Advice.com, Mike and his team travel all over the US helping collision repair facilities become more efficient and profitable. They offer seminars, [...]

New Name + New Features & Platform for PDR Management App Mobile Tech RX

with: Eric Garves, Five Star PDR (Austin, Texas USA) It has been about 4 months since veteran PDR techs Eric Garves and Daimen Simmons released their PDR management/estimating app, Mobile Tech Books.  PDRtalk wrote an earlier article all about the inception of the software and key features of the app.  Since then, the Five Star [...]

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Ding Stinger Hail Estimating App Continues to Evolve (UPDATE, discontinued in 2016)

with:  Jake Durfee, Certified Hail and Dent Inc Creating a proper estimate is an extremely important step in the automotive hail damage repair cycle.  Insurance carriers have given technicians a guideline on how to price varying levels of damage.  It is up to us to take the guidelines they have provided and create an accurate [...]

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Workers’ Compensation, Are you Covered?

with:  Gavin Reherman, AcuDent - Paintless Dent Repair (Kentucky, USA) Workers’ compensation is important to employees in many industries and provides wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured at work. It is also important to employers because they are protected from being sued by employees for those injuries. But do paintless dent repair companies, which often [...]

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Get S.M.A.R.T. with New PDR Software, Mobile Tech Books

with:  Eric Garves, Five Star PDR Paintless Dent Repair has entered the new era of digital invoicing and estimating.  Companies that are on the edge of innovation have welcomed the new technologies with open arms and used them to help better run their businesses.  There are some really good generic invoicing systems out there that [...]

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My Car was Damaged in a Hail Storm, Now What?

with:  Dan Ontrop, Dan O Dents The local news station has been predicting the potential for severe weather now for a couple of days.  Like most people, you turn a blind eye because meteorologists tend to exaggerate and are often inaccurate.  Today, unfortunately for you, they were correct with their prediction.  Mother nature served up [...]

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