Two paintless dent repair industry trade groups (PDR Nation & NAPDRT) have joined forces to create a document aimed at helping technicians determine what procedures are relevant and necessary when performing PDR on damaged vehicles. When a vehicle is dented, dinged, or damaged during a collision or hail storm, technicians want to perform the cleanest repair possible and return the vehicle to its pre accident or pre hail storm condition. In order to achieve excellent results certain procedures and steps need to be taken. Often times when a technician submits an estimate to an insurance carrier, there is a bit of negotiating and back in forth between the two parties. Some adjusters will claim their company will not pay for certain procedures that the technician deems necessary for a proper repair. The goal of PDR Procedure Pages is to state all of the procedures that might apply to a given repair. It is up to the individual technician to use their expert knowledge to determine what procedures are necessary to perform a high quality paintless dent repair to the specific vehicle they are working on.

PDR Procedures Pages  is a living document that will be edited over time as vehicle construction and repair techniques evolve. The ultimate goal is to have the major insurance carriers recognize and endorse the document, resulting in technicians, body shops, vehicle owners, and adjusters all being on the same page when determining the best way to return a car to pre accident/storm condition.

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