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Paul Kordon has been pushing since 1999 with Dentmasters in Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington, DC. He runs a retail shop in Tysons Corner, specializing in large and complex PDR repairs. Check out his work and connect with him on Instagram or Facebook.

Servicing Dent Warranties – How to make them work for you!

with: Paul Kordon & Richard Routson, Dentmasters (Virginia, USA) Dent Warranty programs are very popular third party F&I products that generate a ton of cash for the sales departments of car dealerships all over the USA. That revenue generation means these plans are NOT a passing fad and will continue to require independent PDR technicians [...]

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Top 10 Reasons to Choose PDR over a Conventional Body Shop Repair

with:  Paul Kordon, Dentmasters There’ s no doubt that if you own and operate a vehicle you are going to experience a ding, dent, or even collision damage.  Ever since the creation of the automobile there has been a need to repair body damage after an accident.  Up until the refinement of Paintless Dent Removal [...]

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Realizing the Value of Your Service, Proper Retail Selling

with Paul Kordon, Dentmasters (Tysons Corner, Virginia USA) We’ve all seen it before; a post of a PDR guy’s next job with the caption that asks,  “What price would you guys put on this?” What follows is unfortunate but predictable. One guy comes in at $150 while another bids $550. Same dent, same car, two totally different prices. Inevitably [...]

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