with: Paul Kordon, Dentmasters (Virginia, USA)

If you’re a PDR technician and don’t utilize Instagram as a marketing tool yet then this article is for you! I can’t claim that I have mastered the art of maximizing Instagram’s potential as a marketing tool for the PDR business but I can tell you how I use it and how it’s worked for me.

I started using Instagram for personal use and really enjoyed sharing personal photos and videos with friends and family.  It took a little while before I decided to launch an account for the purpose of chronicling some of my more interesting and impressive work.  If you click on the link below you will see repairs on extreme damage, motorcycle tanks and fenders, an airplane wing, and a number of cars including a half million dollar 1967 Aston Martin and a nearly one million dollar 1963 AC Cobra.


Being able to catalogue these rare and expensive cars along with other unique repairs is pretty cool but it’s not the most powerful part about utilizing a free app like Instagram.

After I started collecting my repair pictures and videos on my profile I found myself starting to use it in conversations with customers when they were in for an estimate.  In some cases I use it to show them a similar repair and what the finished product might look like on their car, at other times I will show them what PDR can accomplish on larger or more severe damage just in case they find themselves in need in the future.  And all right from my phone instantly!  A portfolio in my pocket.

I don’t stop at using Instagram just with customers in-person.  When I have a customer email or text me for information I always include in my signature my full name, phone number, a link to the company website, and a link to my Instagram profile as a way for them to look at my portfolio.  This portfolio is a way of saying…

“I’m a professional”

“I know what I’m doing”

“You can have results like this too”

“You can trust me with your repair”

As a result of sharing my portfolio with prospective customers I have noticed that when they come in for the in-person estimate or repair they are usually already convinced that they want to do business with me.  All that’s left to figure out is how long it will take and how much it will cost.

If a picture is worth a thousand words then an Instagram portfolio is priceless!

Remember our industry is still young and not as well known as we may think it is.  Use every opportunity and tool that you can to promote the service of PDR as well as the incredible, superior results that PDR can offer our customers.

Let me finish by telling you a recent story of how Instagram allowed me to secure a new account.

After building my profile for a while and following other users that offered auto industry related posts, I came across a user that happened to be a mobile detailer in the city that I work in.  After noticing that he was doing very nice work on some very nice cars I decided to drop him a note on one of his posts about connecting with each other to meet in person.  I found out he appreciated my posts like I appreciated his.  We agreed on a day and he and his partner stopped by our shop.  We spent about twenty minutes getting to know one another and sharing business cards and flyers for marketing purposes.  I also learned that in addition to owning and operating his detail business he also managed the sales for a new high-end vehicle manufacturer in our city.  Just a few weeks ago I noticed that the manufacturer was opening a hard location right around the block from our shop.  I texted my new friend (thanks to Instagram) and asked him if he were still with them and if he was going to be involved with the new location and he said, “Yes I am, and as a matter of fact I was going to call you about having you do our work.”.  I told him I wanted their business and sent him all of the information he needed to pass along to his service manager and advisors. SUCCESS!  The account is mine and they haven’t even opened their doors yet!

When used correctly, Instagram gives you the power to:

Prove that you’re a professional
Show what results PDR can produce
Network with other high quality, auto related professionals
Win customer’s trust
Gain new accounts

To Instagram or not to Instagram.  You decide!

Addition by: Richard Routson, Dentmasters (Virginia, USA)

Social media is all about communicating with your customers (former and potential). You want to put out a steady amount of relevant and interesting content. Instagram is completely visual, so make sure your photos are eye catching. I try to avoid posting photos with a dent light fade or lines. Remember, your potential customers have no idea what those lines mean. Just like Paul, I post photos and videos of my work on Instagram, along with unique cars I repair.  I also post photos describing the amenities of my shop and use screen shots of Yelp reviews and Angie’s List awards to link my social media and reinforce the value of my service. It’s all about dropping those anchor points that depict great value and high quality. (Shane Jacks just delivered a great episode on Anchoring Your Prices, PDR College).

Get out there take some interesting photos, get connected with your customers, and keep pushing!