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How to get more individual retail PDR clients

When most people first learn paintless dent repair, they gravitate towards wholesale dealership and auction work, because it's quick and easy. Plus, the large volume of cars and not so picky customers allow a new technician to practice and improve his skills while learning the tricks of the trade. The next step for highly skilled [...]

James Lee brings Pro Grade quality to the PDR light game

with: James Lee, Elim A Dent Tools (Georgtown, Texas USA) written by: Richard Routson, Dentmasters (Arlington, Virginia USA) Having a reliable and effective PDR light is essential in producing high quality paintless dent repair results. For a dent guy a fog/line board or PDR light is the number one tool in our arsenal. Without a [...]

By |October 26, 2015|How to, Industry Trends, tech spotlight, Tools|

How to choose the correct guy for your PDR team

with: Brad Hodgson, Dentmasters (McLean, Virginia USA) Over 75% of small businesses in the United States are non employers. This trend is similar in the paintless dent repair world. Most PDR companies in the US are 1-3 man operations. Running a self employed PDR business with just yourself as the sole technician, salesman, CEO, marketer, [...]

By |August 15, 2015|Employees, How to, Small business, Systems, Training|

How to increase PDR revenue with a Pricing Guide (members only)

with: Derek Reed, Dent Wizard (Atlanta, Georgia USA) How do you determine a price when selling paintless dent repair to individual retail customers? A lot of PDR guys will say, "Every dent is different, and I know how much to charge from experience." There is some truth to that statement. Dents in cars are caused [...]

Making the PDR transition from Mobile to Brick & Mortar

with: Doug Hillius, Dent Solutions (Bellevue, Washington USA) Doug Hillius is a competitive guy. He’s played soccer at a high level for 35 years, races motorcycles, and crushes the PDR competition in his local market of Seattle, Washington. He started his paintless dent repair career in 1998 with Dent Wizard. After training at corporate headquarters [...]

By |July 16, 2015|Fixed location, How to, Marketing, Retail, Retail Shop|

(preview) Servicing Dent Warranties – How to make them work for you!

with: Paul Kordon and Richard Routson, Dentmasters (Northern Virginia, USA) Dent Warranty programs are very popular third party F&I products that generate a ton of cash for the sales departments of car dealerships all over the USA. That revenue generation means these plans are NOT a passing fad and will continue to require independent PDR [...]

By |June 6, 2015|Consumer awareness, How to, Selling, Systems|

Instagram and PDR: A Pocket Portfolio

with: Paul Kordon, Dentmasters (Virginia, USA) If you’re a PDR technician and don’t utilize Instagram as a marketing tool yet then this article is for you! I can’t claim that I have mastered the art of maximizing Instagram’s potential as a marketing tool for the PDR business but I can tell you how I use it [...]

By |March 30, 2015|Advertising, How to, Marketing, Social Media|

Slaying Monster Dents Without Painting

with:  Brice Kelly, Central Florida Dent Repair Brice Kelly has been making some noise on industry insider Facebook pages lately.  The videos he has posted of his PDR work are simply amazing.  He is repairing complex, nasty dents to a very high quality.  I'm guessing 80% of the dent guys out there would not even [...]

By |March 20, 2015|Education, How to, tech spotlight, Techniques, Tools|

Moving Metal with Wide Directional Pushing

with:  Sal Contreras, Dent Expert Sal Contreras has been repairing dents in the San Francisco Bay Area, since 1991.  If you haven’t seen his amazing work on complex large dents, take a minute and check out his Facebook page.  Sal is not the the typical dent guy.  He marches to the beat of his own [...]

By |March 8, 2015|Education, How to, Techniques, Tools|

How to Minimize Risk when Bracing Laminated Glass

with: Richard Routson, Dentmasters (Virginia, USA) PDR techs can be classified into two categories.  Those who have broken a window while working on a door ding and those who will break a window.  Breaking the window of a luxury vehicle will instantly put a damper on your day and wallet.  The parts + labor cost of replacing [...]

By |February 17, 2015|How to, Techniques, Tools|