How to get more individual retail PDR clients

When most people first learn paintless dent repair, they gravitate towards wholesale dealership and auction work, because it's quick and easy. Plus, the large volume of cars and not so picky customers allow a new technician to practice and improve his skills while learning the tricks of the trade. The next step for highly skilled [...]

“Best News in the PDR world” Dent Techs Magazine

with: Steve Hartley and Tim Chase (Ontario, Canada) PDRtalk is not the only online source of information on paintless dent repair. Around the same time PDRtalk.com was launched, Tim Chase of Toronto, Canada introduced Dent Tech Magazine. Both websites have similar goals: Educate the public and spread awareness about PDR Create and archive high [...]

Urgent: Is Your Dent Repair Website Mobile Friendly?

with: Richard Routson, Dentmasters (Virginia, USA) If your website looks and functions poorly on a cell phone, you are losing potential customers and search result rankings. The mobile revolution is here. Internet searches on cell phones and tablets now eclipse searches on desktop computers in the United States. Plus, Google recently released an update to [...]

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Create a Powerful Online Ad Campaign in 15 Minutes

with: Richard Routson, Dentmasters (Virginia, USA) The Yellow Pages are dead.  Online searches are your number one source for acquiring new customers.  Google is the leader in internet searches.  The Google search results page is broken down into 3 sections (sponsored, organic, and locations). Ideally you want your website to show up at the top of all [...]

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4 Keys to Unlock an Effective PDR Website

with: Richard Routson, Dentmasters (Virginia, USA) In today’s customer service environment having a company website that generates retail leads is essential.  “Your website is your 24 hour store front” (credit Myke Toledo, DentTrainer.com).  An effective website lets customers from all over the world learn about your company and services at any time of the day.  Here are [...]

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What Is PDRtalk?

This is a PDR blog. We talk about paintless dent repair. Articles, videos, and audio. PDRtalk has four goals: Spread expert knowledge amongst PDR technicians all over the world in a clean and easy format, thus improving the quality, professionalism, and credibility of the industry. Inform the public about the benefits and possibilities of paintless [...]