with: Richard Routson, Dentmasters (Virginia, USA)

In today’s customer service environment having a company website that generates retail leads is essential.  “Your website is your 24 hour store front” (credit Myke Toledo, DentTrainer.com).  An effective website lets customers from all over the world learn about your company and services at any time of the day.  Here are 4 things you can implement to ensure your website turns inquisitive minds into paying customers.

  1. Your company website is your Central Marketing Hub
  2. Your website has to be easy to view and navigate on all devices (computers, cell phones, tablets.)
  3. Your company’s services, locations, and culture are apparent
  4. You website is designed with specific goals or calls to action

Your company’s website should be the focus of all of your marketing efforts.  A well built website should act as a powerful cyber sales agent, that influences customers to choose you over the competition.  Everything you put out there in the world should steer customers to your website.  Some sources include business cards, brochures, signs, vehicle graphics, social media accounts, videos, photos, internet directories, voicemail greetings, email signatures, & former customers’ word of mouth.  So make sure your URL is on everything you create and post.  When posting your URL online make sure it is an active hyperlink.  Always include the full address (ie. http://www.companywebsite.com).  The http:// ensures the link is active, and customers will land on your website.

Once customers land on your website, they need to be able to view and navigate it easily on any device.  Researchers believe 2015 will be the year mobile search surpasses desktop search, Emarketer.com.  Having a mobile friendly website is an absolute must if you want to convert curious shoppers into paying customers.  Mobile searches are also more locally based than desktop searches and the conversion rate is higher.  If your website is not cell phone friendly, potential customers might instantly dismiss you.  So what’s the answer?  Currently, Responsive Web Design is the ideal way to make your website scale and fit on any device.

So now you’ve got a responsive website that functions great on desktops, tablets, and cell phones.  What’s next?  You have to fill it with great content.  High quality photos are a must.  Before and after photos of dent work are always effective.  Videos about your company and examples of your work go a long way in convincing someone to choose your company to perform a paintless dent repair.  Seeing is believing!  Customer and B2B testimonials are also very important.  Avoid cramming a bunch of keywords, animations, and pop ups into your site.  All of those features are distractions and might annoy a potential paying customer.  Make sure your website is clean, simple, and communicates the key information about your company.

  1. Who are we, what services do we offer?
  2. Where are we located?
  3. How can you contact us?

The main goal of your website is to influence potential customers to make contact with you and schedule a repair.  Make it easy for them.  Some people prefer to make a phone call, while others like email contact.  Your potential customer might want to receive a preliminary estimate before they schedule the repair.  Give them options. Design your website with multiple Call to Actions, that get customers in the door.  Once you get the customer and car in front of you, it’s time to maximize your revenue and close the sale! More on that later.